Circuit City makes big changes. Drops commissioned sales.

I thought alot of the CCity haters would be pleased to know that CCity has dropped commissioned sales, as well as restocking fees. They will also no longer be price matching rebates from competitors.

I figured this would happen sooner or later. I worked in the computer dept for 2 years when I started school and was making money hand over fist. It was the first commissioned sales job I had and I made money hand over fist for the first year. I broke $50k in 2000. I used to make around $120 on a laptop with the 4 year service plan. I was lucky I worked there during the internet/CDBurner craze of 99-00. Late 00 early 01 it died down constiderably because everyone who wanted a computer had bought one the previous year.

I never understood why they worked on comm anyway. They marked down open box items so low that they would lose their asses on them. Its no wonder they never could catch BBuy.

I went in tonight to buy a laptop and one of my old buddies was still there and he told me that they got rid of a bunch of people who wouldn’t take the pay cut when they were forced to switch to hourly rate. I guess they took the avg hourly rate of your commissions of the last year and were going to pay you that, but a few people were making 20+ an hour and CCity wouldn’t pay them so they were given severence and let go.

He also told me about the rebate thing and the restocking fee thing is on TV all the time now. I don’t know if CCity has officially announced the change in sales structure, but they will. Probably be commercials too about no commissions.

Anyway I thought some of you would like to know this info since I have heard alot of CCity hatin out here in SDMB land.