Circus cannon

Thanks to Hunter S Thompsons latest recent desperate cry for help/ grab at attention/ selfish masturbatory stunt…ahem…the only results I get on google that involve" shot out a cannon" are his.

How do they they shoot the lady from the cannon in the circus?

The man’s dead, let him have his last stunt…

Just a WAG but it’s probably a spring launch + smoke + bang.

Well, they don’t use explosives, like HST’s family will probably be doing.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s done with either compressed air or a plunger, or a combination of both. I’m sure some other clown with more circus background will come along to correct me (or back me up).

The smoke is just an effect.

Cecil covered it, and we’ve had a thread on it:

Compressed air or springs.

He’s dead BFD!

Spring? Uh-uh, me not think so…