Circus Peanuts

I like Circus Peanuts, and I’m proud of it!

So there.

Then you must like Lucky Charms, too, David. The creator inspired by Circus Peanuts to develop the cereal with those styrofoam marshmallow bits.

I always knew there was something wrong with you, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know.


Count me in with the person who said they would choose Circus Peanuts over a Dove bar.

I love those things! The guy in the article gave an absolutely wonderful description of eating them! You have to squeeze (or squish) them before you eat them. And sure enough, soon after eating them you begin to get that very familiar nauseating feeling! It’s wonderful!

The strangest thing about it is that I hate almost anything banana flavored! (I love actual bananas but the flavoring–blech!) I never really identify Circus Peanuts with a banana flavor. It’s almost like a unique flavor all on it’s own! Mmmm…Circus Peanuts!

Now, Peeps, there’s a candy I can’t understand the appeal of!

Given the choice between any type of chocolate and some slightly stale Circus Peanuts, I’m going with the orange marshmallow goodness every time!

BTW, I hate Lucky Charms! But that’s mostly because of the oat cereal rather than the marshmallows.

Here’s something weird for you: I popped over to read the Circus Peanuts column and now I can smell them!

I think I’m having a psychotic hallucination.

Oh, David. Say it ain’t so.

I weep for the future.

Andros: It is so. And it is good.

Yes, Jill, I do like Lucky Charms – or rather, as evilbeth noted, the Circus Peanut-like bits, not the oat parts.

I would choose them over a Dove bar, but then, I’m not particularly fond of Dove’s brand. Other chocolate? Dunno. One thing is that Circus Peanuts are, I believe, fat free! See, they’re healthy!

I really don’t understand how anybody could not like Circus Peanuts. I think they’re more addictive than chocolate-covered crack. (To steal a phrase)

Quoth evilbeth:

We’ve got to get Ch-- er, Persephone over to this thread! Slay the evil (no offense, beth) Peeps!

mmmm, Peeps! But you have to let them get a little stale first. Used to eat Circus Peanuts as a kid but haven’t had any in years. My sister loves them though, the nut.


The column (including two of Slug Signorino’s illustrations) can also be found on pages 222-227 of Cecil Adams’ book “Triumph of the Straight Dope”.
I’ve never tasted one of these, and I doubt I ever will after reading Cecil Adam’s description.

I’ll take chocolate covered crack any day.

Circus peanuts are alien food. Anyone who actually enjoys consuming them should be viewed with suspicion. The same applies to people who really eat fruitcake.

Mmmmm, circus peanuts. A little hard on the outside, velvety smooth on the inside. Plus they melt in your mouth! What more could you ask for in a snack food?

After reading that column, I could smell them too. I can almost TASTE them, and that’s just gross. CPs and Peeps are too disgusting for words, they really are. Just thinking about them make me feel sick to my stomach :slight_smile:

Fruitcake makes an excellent dessert to follow haggis.

I can’t believe you people are comparing the food of the gods to fruitcake and haggis! Zut is right – they are the perfect snack food.

Actually, I’m thinking they could also be the perfect diet food.
Pick up the bag, stick yer snout in there, deep inhale, and I know my appetite would be gone.

David B., at leasxt I won’t be fighting you for the circus peanuts. Anywhere/anytime.

Well, they are a good diet food, as they’re fat free! But the problem is that if I took a deep inhale like that, I’d have to eat every circus peanut in the bag!

I understand they can also be used as effective tampons in case of emergency.

Well, I don’t eat em, but I sure do admire their spunk and sculptural virtuosity.

And, they make a fine Halloween costume: Let em dry out a bit, then string em into bikini formation with monofilament. Gentle microwave softening on the brassierre fitting

Just hope it’s not a rainy Halloween night.