Cirque Du Soleil 's OVO What happened to my brain ?!

I caught OVO over Thanksgiving. During intermission **I had made up my mind that it was the best Cirque I had ever seen. **
Yes, this includes “O”.

To be Fair, “O” had tons of WTF in it. But the foundation “O” 's WTF was built on was a house of cards. OVO 's WTF shattered basic tenets of science, physics, everything else I knew as fact. (Ok, not that much, but close enough.)

But, after the intermission, the show kicked it into overdrive. The experience didn’t stop.

The problem is, **I just do not have the words to communicate why I like it THAT MUCH.

There is a feeling I have gotten on occasion, where I go numb from laughing. [[ Richard Simmons on the US version of Whose Line is it Anyway. ]] That is the Closest thing I have to compare it to. But, that premise is just so base that I know it doesn’t belong.

There are a few moments of the show that I want to cover, by way of example. They are spoiled, because you wouldn’t believe it unless you see it first hand. And even then, you still won’t believe it, to the point that you come home and ask the Dope about it.

I got the above feeling after most of these, but I would argue that the show entire got my brain to the point where it could encounter this experience.

These are in roughly chronological order. I am probably leaving a few moments out, but I think we have enough.

The entire Ants with food segment was beyond belief. Try it yourself, and you will have a new understanding of it.

That one, I can understand. I mean, my brain didn’t “check out” during it.

But then, we get into the “Excuse me, my brain is full, may I have another” territory.

The unicycle on the tightrope. - Standard Fare to be sure, but then, he goes and adds the twig / crutch looking item, and goes completely off balance - on purpose.

One of many times where my brain’s concept of gravity was shattered.

The Diablo. Full Stop. You could have told me that the Chinese Yo Yo could accommodate two of the … discs? pucks? until you were blue in the face, and I would never, EVER, have believed you. But then, THREE?!

I thought I knew “Enough” about that device. I thought I knew enough to know where the finish line was, in terms of the effects. I figured I knew about 50% or so about it. My notion there got left at the 15-20% mark.

That one Grasshopper that started back-flipping, and got up to a speed, where it felt like he would never stop.

I could care less about Cheer leading. and other Pep inducing activities. I rarely play along with things, because I think the entire concept is stupid. If I can’t see the point in something, I don’t sign on.

But my God, he revved that up to a point where even I “got” it. I found my self screaming “YEAH!” at the top of my lungs long before I knew I was doing it.

You could have asked the entire family if I would have been the type to do that, and none of them would have ever guessed that from our group, I would have been the one to do that.

The Grasshoppers doing the AGT Ascendance act and showing them how it’s done.

I was working on two or three “my brain is full moments” and I just knew, I just knew that if I could have one more moment, it would be the best thing ever.

Well, the finale did just that, and is very well placed as the finale.

What was my brain experiencing here? What was my brain full of ?

What words can I use to explain how I felt?


Dopamine, Endorphins, and probably sugar, or alcohol as a nice lubricant. But sober, you were feeling the first two for sure.

P.S. I’d love to catch the show!

Yeah. apparently it’s one of the newer shows, only out for two years or so.

That said, the Music is the one issue I had with the show.

The music is perfect for the target audience. I’m 28 and prefer Trance and Re-mixes. The music was ACHING – ACHING to be remixed. The music just felt stunted. It felt, for lack of better words, like a tease. You know what it would sound like remixed, but you just feel that Cirque chose against remixing it for some reason.
The music just had one more step to go. It consciously decided not to take it. **

I’m still grooving on this particular moment from ‘Kooza’ - The Wheel of Death. I can only dream of what their latest stuff is like.

Cool, I never heard of this one before and I was looking for a good one to take my wife and 5 year-old to. It’s not coming to Minneapolis till May but since it’s so far off I was able to buy tickets second row center stage. Thanks fo the heads up.

Yeah, this looks spectacularly cool.

Ovo - the official trailer.
Ovo - the WebPresse news item.

How do you know all the names of the acts while you are sitting there? I saw one of their shows once and could not even begin to tell you the storyline nor critique the music or the acts. I just enjoyed it for what is was. And while I was amazed, I wasn’t so blown away that I couldn’t believe my senses. Am I just not into this as much as you? I couldn’t even have told you half the things they did the next day.

I’m cobbling together what I know and playing it by ear on the rest.

OVO is insect themed, and the costumes look like themselves. On top of that, they appear in stunts that are appropriate for their species. Ants play at a picnic, Grasshoppers hop.

Other things, I have seen elsewhere, and or wanted to practice myself. For the Diablo they sell them during the show.
I’ve seen a few Cirque shows, and OVO blew them all away. But yeah, everything was on overload. Again, my brain was full, and I just wanted to comprehend all of it, and pack it into a box, and give that box a name.