Citing patient information guide

I’m doing a paper for Organic Chemistry and one of my sources is a patient information guide, the paper that comes with prescription drugs. Not the one printed by the pharmacy but the actual one from the manufacturer of the drug. What I need to know is how to properly cite the guide in my work cited page. It’s not something that is normally cited so its not in any of my english books on how to cite something, so I’m hoping one of our estemed english dopers would be able to help me out on this.

Thank you in advance. MLA format APA format

I think I’d cite it like a pamphlet. The name of the author might not be available, but you can cite the company name.

This is an APA format which is probably close to what you could write:

Pharmacia & Upjohn Company. (1996). Getting enough calcium. Chicago: Medical
Publishers, Inc.

How would you cite the publisher and year? There is no information about the company on the guide itself, everything on there is about the medication. Now, I do know the company since I know who manufactured the drug, so would I just put the drug manufacturer as the publisher?