City Council Orders Police To Disregard Usa Patriot Act

How realistic is this tactic? Will it end up curtailing Big Brother’s power? I think it might, through the courts, of course.

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Well, Federal law supercedes state law. Just look at the medicinal marijauna trails.

Or the trials even.


This is not new. There have already been quite a number of municipalities which have passed similar resolutions.

The Patriot Act defines procedures permitted for federal law enforcement activities.

A city council has no authority to change any aspect of federal law or procedures.

Yes, but are city police required to enforce federal laws?

City police can refuse to enforce federal laws. Juries through jury nullification can refuse to convict anyone on federal charges. Every state in the union can secede from the federal government. We can all stop paying taxes to the federal govmint. There are lots of options. They can arrest us all and put is in prison and we can bundle software for Micrsoft for 10 cents an hour. HMMM…maybe that is the plan…

In general, no.

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My trails usually come from medicinal LSD.:wink: