City nicknames-- do people who live there use them?

Do residents refer to their cities as Frisco, Philly, Vegas, Chi-town, San Berdoo, L.A., K.C., St. Louie, etc.?

I know people who live there don’t say “San Antone.”

They do if they’re rappers.

I lived in Philadelphia for 5 years, and always called/thought of it as Philthydelphia.

Anyone around here who says Beantown is clearly a tourist.

Only ironically, unless one is actually on stage at the moment of reference.

Chi-town represent

(We’ll sometimes make “Windy City” references during ugly weather, and then get into good natured arguments about whether “Windy City” refers to the weather or to politicians, but by the time the argument really gets going, the bus is usually at your stop.)

I say [ol]
[li]“Philly” frequently but not exclusively.[/li][li]“Illadelph” from time to time online[/li][li]“Hostile City” rarely[/li][li]“The City that Bombs You Back” rarely[/li][li]“The City of Brotherly Love” almost never.[/li][/ol]

I’m not from any of these places, but I would never refer to Chi-town, St. Looie, or Frisco, and K.C. must be followed by “and the Sunshine Band.” I do refer to Minneapolis-St. Paul as the Twin Cities (more often just “the Cities”) fairly often.

All the San Francisco people I know say that no one there says “Frisco,” but they do say “S.F.” All the Los Angeles people I know routinely use “L.A.”

“Philly” is common in Philly.

I say “NYC” sometimes. Anyone who uses “the Big Apple” gets a smack upside the head.

Calling Las Vegas just “Vegas” is no biggie here.

When asked where you live, most people here will say Las Vegas - but if anyone says they are coming to “Vegas” to visit, I don’t think any/many locals take offense.

I do sort of get pissed when I hear someone try to gussy up the name of the state to the pretentious sounding NayVAHduh…it is pronounced N’vada, rhyming with N’bad-uh.

Chris Matthews calls it Fluffia, which AIUI is somewhat common among born and raised Fluffians.

Madison, Wisconsin when I lived there it was Mad Town (that’s when it was cool:D)

Or in Spanish - El E.

I have spent time in Minneapolis (one of Da Cities) lately. I am trying to propagate the nickname “Mpls”, which may be pronounced “mupples” or “m@-pl@s”, with @ representing a schwa.

Saying “Frisco” will quickly identify you as a tourist in San Francisco.

Sacramento - Sactown or Sacto or (more often) Sac is used locally.

Call it Washington and the locals will know you’re not from around here. It’s either DC, the District, or Downtown.

If talking to someone not from the area, I just say the Twin Cities. Otherwise, St Paul is St Paul, or if I’m talking about Minneapolis, I refer to the specific area in the city (Nordeast, Uptown, Northside, Camden, &c).

I live in DC and I do indeed call it by its nickname, “L.A. for ugly people.”

I always pronounced it “Mipliss.” :slight_smile: