Cityscape Identification - Almost No Context

A friend of mine is trying to figure out where this particular photo is:

No context beyond coming across the image randomly and him wondering where it was.


I think that bridge is the Rainbow Bridge, with its 360-degree ramp loop.


Damn. I would have looked so much more impressive. I had checked out Tokyo because it looked like the cars were driving on the left, but missed that when I was scouring the harbor.

My first guess was that looked it like a city in perhaps China.
Google Image search for similar images turns up a lot of photos with people of Asian descent, so this seems to confirm my initial leanings. Unfortunately, no exact match.

Here the Google Maps link to that bridge. Looks like a solid match to me:

Yes, thats the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay. I crossed it on foot a couple of weeks ago.

It is part of Route 11 (Shuto Expressway) between central Tokyo and Odaiba waterfront district. The loop you see there also includes the Yurikamome monorail line.