Civ V Compatability Query

I know there are sites I can visit to find out whether my computer meets the specs for the game.

Does anyone know of a site I can go to to find out if a laptop I am thinking of buying meets the bill? I know I can compare specs manually.

I can’t check because I’m at work and “game sites” are blocked here. But wouldn’t the official site for the game have that information?

“Can You Run It?” is what you are looking for:

I think any modern laptop should be able to handle it, at least at the lowest graphical settings. I’ve played it on this particular laptop, which I bought a few moths ago. It’s nothing special – very middle-of-the-road Core i3 processor, 2 gb ram, and only Intel HD integrated graphics. All you’d need for good performance is some sort of upgraded graphics card.

Lungfish, thanks, however that site analyses the computer you are on- not the one I intend to buy (for my daughter).

Lazybratsche, this laptop was bought about 12 months ago and has i7 quad core, 4 gb RAM, Nvidia GT 240 etc. It meets requirements but the game runs very slowly- I wouldn’t really want anything less.

Thanks for the help. As suggested I will go to the official site and see what that brings up.