Civil commitment for repeat DWI offenders?

I was a watching the news a while back and they were showing a guy coming out of court after his 18th conviction for driving while intoxicated. When a reporter asked him a question, they guy basically said “I’m not going to stop drinking and I’m not going to stop driving.” Then he gave the camera the finger.

I don’t seem to recall civil commitment proceedings being brought against someone who wasn’t a repeat sex offender before. But assholes like this sure seem to fit the minimum requirement of “poses a danger to himself or others.” Has this ever been done with a DUI offender? One of the reasons I believe civil commitment proceedings are done so sparingly is because they already seems to be in a very hazy legal area and prosecutors only want to use the worst cases possible (usually violent sex offenses) when undertaking them. But is anything preventing prosecutors from going after unrepetentent DWI offenders? Does just saying that they are going to continue to drink and drive necessarily pose a threat to others?

Most importantly, if it is indeed constitutional, should civil commitment be used in cases like this?

Civil Commitment for DUI repeat offenders isn’t needed in my state. DUI here is an enhanced penalty offense. A second conviction within 5 years is mandatory jail time + license suspension for at least a year, maybe 2 years (driving on a suspended license is jail time), a 3rd conviction within 5 years is a felony. DUI cases, by statute, can’t be plea bargained to a lesser charge anymore–unless the arresting officer withdraws the charge, which they virtually never do.

Here in Anderson, Virldeen Redmond is the undisputed holder of the title of Town Drunk. He has been arrested more than 400 times for alcohol related offenses, which is generally recognized as a world record. He was jailed countless times, had his license permanently revoked, and eventually was sent to prison as a habitual criminal. He’s old and sick now, and he was released because of his failing health. He has mostly behaved himself since then.

Believe it or not, Virldeen made his living as a tree trimmer! :eek: Imagine the world-class boozer clambering around in a treetop with a chainsaw.

I fail to see why alcohol-related crimes too often get a slap on the wrist when other drug crimes can be very harsh. Other than the illegality of using/possessing those other drugs, the effects are often the same with innocent people becoming injured, disabled, or even killed.

May I introduce Henry Earl? The fan website :dubious: linked from the wiki article states than he has 803 lifetime arrests for alcohol-related shenanigans.

the harshness comes from physical possession of a illegal substance, not being high on the substance. Since alcohol is legal there is no possession charges.

IIRC there was a episode of COPS where the perp ate the drugs he was carrying, which put him in the ER and near death, but since there was no more substance he got off.

Personally I think after the 3rd DUI one should be banned from driving for life. It’s a privilege, not a right.

Or one should be banned from drinking for life, if there was a way to implement that.

For the record, I think most of these people with multiple DWI convictions are driving uninsured and without licenses.

In France habitual drunks are permitted to drive a very small car - something like the smallest Fiat.

In the country you quite often see a few of them parked outside a bar.

No easy answers. Big fines and jail time don’t work. It is depressing but we do not have a commitment to good public transportation. Does N.Y.C. have a big problem.? They have alternative transportation for partiers. In Detroit area with no license you can not get around. I suppose the answer will come in a few generations of alcohol education . This generation wont be saved.

These are electic cars that don’t require a driving license, I think.

That’s really interesting. How exactly does that work? Do the go the normal speed?

Ah - now that figures

It strikes me as quite a good idea as being carless in many areas is almost impossible - leading/tempting people to break the law.