Civil war artillery organization

I was playing a civil war wargame, and out of curiosity I investigated about the organizitation of both sides armies. But concerning artillery, I’m at a loss to understand, and found very contradictory informations.

Now, I understand that the organization was different on both sides and evolved during the course of the war, or depending on circumstances, but the differences between the contradictory informations are really significant.

Up to the organization of brigades (north) or bataillons (south), it’s very clear. My problem is : how many of these brigades/bataillons were there in larger army units.

Part of them was in the reserves, either at the corps or army level. It seems that generally, in the south armies, artillery reserves were present at the corps level. In the north, first contradiction, I found informations stating that eventually, artillery reserves were kept at the army level, while each corps had a “regular/non reserve” artillery brigade, and others sources stating that when organized in corps, up to half the batteries were concentrated as reserves at the corps level.
More importantly, I can’t figure out how many artillery brigades/batailons there could be in, say a corps. According to some sources, there was “normally” (and during the latter part of the war, let’s focus on it since it seems the organization during the first part of the war was much more variable) one artillery brigade/corps (plus the army reserves) for the federals, and 1 bataillon/division (plus the corps reserves) for the confederates. Even accounting for larger batteries, and larger reserves in the north, it would account for vastly less artillery on the north side (while the reserse was true).

According to other sources, 2-3 artillery batteries (that would be half a brigade or a small brigade) would be attributed to each division in the North, with reserves at the army level, and nothing at the corps level (nor reserves nor brigades).

So, I guess my question would be “how many artillery brigades would you have found in a “typical” infantry corps (especially on the north side)?” And at what level? Corps or division? 1 brigade/corps ? 1 brigade/division? A couple batteries/division plus a corps reserve including several brigades or spare batteries?

Let’s focus on say the second half of the war, since I understand that previously the organization was much more variable, less regulated, and the artillery frequently distributed in not very effective little units at the lowest level (infantry brigades).

Are there some civil war artillery buffs out there?

I eventually answered my own question by findig a site that, though short, was more clearly written, explained the evolution over time in both armies , and finally gave a detailled example with the artillery present at the battle of Antietam.
Here’s the link, in case someone else, for some weird reason, would be interested too.

Interesting site…thanks for posting the link.

May I ask what CW game you were playing?

Civil War Generals 2

You may already have better information than this site provides, but I have found a wealth of information at The Civil War Artillery Page.