Civil War Songs With Lyrics

I’ve found a website where American Civil War songs are available but only the tunes and you have to separately read the lyrics. So could you please provide a website where they sing the lyrics in the files?

I love old songs, what’s the site?

Mudcat Cafe is a huge resource for folk song lyrics. I don’t think they have any music clips (altho check their FAQ for links to other sites) and I think the site has been around without improvement since the Civil War itself…but I bet you can find most of the songs you’re looking for there.

If you search any of the song titles on youtube you’ll more than likely find the songs being sung.

Thanks but I wanted them downloaded as MP3 files.

You can get software to rip the audio from youtube videos but tbh I don’t know the legality of that nor what would be the best software.

You might want to have a look around the Archive (dot) Org

This has a lot of public domain stuff in it and also some live concerts and such.

Thanks for the link

I’ve got the excellent Songs of the Civil War. Different modern artists sing songs from both sides.

You can buy the album in MP3 format. That’s the Capitalist thing to do!