Civilian Jobs on Military Bases

My wife is considering going into the JAG Corps and asking for an overseas assignment. Assuming she gets in, that means I’d be heading to a military base overseas with no job. What sort of job prospects are there on-base for a civilian with a college education and a few years of government-type work experience? I know that bases offer jobs to dependents at their bowling alleys and other retail establishments, but if I can avoid that type of work I’d like to do that (actually, I’d love to work in the bowling alley, but I’m hoping for a bit more money than that).

Does anyone here have any experience in this area? I’ve tried doing some Internet searches and have come up with nothing.

Probably depends on the base. For example, I worked for Defence contractors at Edwards AFB for four years.

For a basic taste of what’s out there, try USAJobs. Depends on what your job experience is, your degree, and what kind of job specialties are at the base your wife would be on (for example, my soon-to-be-FIL works as a civilian chemist at Aberdeen Proving Ground, an Army development/test center, because chemists are in high demand at that location). You can search on USAJobs by area, including a number of overseas regions.

If you’re on a single-branch-of-the-military base, it’d obviously be Navy. They have their own job search site. If it’s a base that houses multiple branches, which I believe do exist (but I’m really not sure), Army’s, Air Force, and Marine Corps just goes through USAJobs.

There are civilian jobs on overseas bases, and you do get some bonus points in the application process when you are a military spouse.

Well, Renob, what is it that you do?

I looked at USA Jobs and didn’t see much. I was hoping there would be more opportunity than that.

Balthisar, I run a small nonprofit trade association. Besides the management/executive experience, a job like mine doesn’t translate well outside of D.C.

I know that there are Joint Reserve Bases, such as NAS Fort Worth JRB, which operates Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air Force Reserve, and Texas Air National Guard units.

Back to the OP, you could consider getting a job with the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), a civilian company run by the Department of Defense. They operate Wal-Mart-esque stores (Called Post Exchanges or Base Exchanges, depending on if you’re on an Army Post or an Air Force base), shopettes (think convenience store), and some other things like barber shops. My parents have been working for them for several years now, and they keep working for them, so I guess it’s not a bad job to have. I don’t know much about it myself, but I’d go poke around their website to see what it says about hiring.

Around me in DC is Bolling AFB, which houses on the same property the Navy Anacostia Annex (in that I can go through just one security checkpoint for both). What I don’t know is how things are arranged overseas.