Civilization VI Announced! Coming Oct 21st!!


Steam page with some info:

Holy cow… I mean, I know it’s been over half a decade since Civ V came out, but given the fantastic expansions, and the fact that I hit up a game every other month or so, it feels like too soon?

One thing is for sure, after playing games like Stellaris and endless legend, they need to push out something that is a lot more than Civ V with better graphics.

What they are saying so far:

  • Cities aren’t a one tile thing anymore, they spread aorund your territory.
  • Research progress appears to be affected by gameplay? It’s not clear.
  • Units are still one per tile, but support units can be embedded, giving it more flexibility/power?
  • New multi-player options
  • New ways to tweak civs.

So basically, something like Civ IV with better graphics. :smiley: Civ V’s combat is fun, and requires a lot more strategy than Civ IV’s stacks of doom, but the diplomacy feels dumbed down when I compare it with Civ IV. Also, I want the conquest victory to require capturing ALL cities again, not just the enemies’ capitals.

I just want to be able to burn capital cities to the ground.

Yeah, I’m really excited about this. Civ V is my most played game by far, something like, 1200 hours or so.

Some more info:

  • A brand new graphics engine, very mod friendly.
  • All systems from Civ V + expansions - trade, religion, espionage, archeology etc will be included in vanilla Civ VI.
  • Cities will have districts which will pump up an aspect of the economy (religious, research, economic districts, etc).
  • Wonders take up a hex.

Also looks like they are having that Steam Controller bundle thing again. You save 40% on the controller if you order it along with the game.

RPS preview:

Trailer was cheesy, screenshots remind me of Civ Rev. One of the Steam user tags is “Cartoony” which I thought was a joke but no, it fits. I’m not as excited as I was when I saw the announcement, unfortunately. This looks like another one to wait on while they fix issues, add content, and lower price.

Of course, good reviews from players will change my attitude radically.

That is an incredibly short turnaround time between a zero-gameplay announcement trailer and a release date.

My immediate thought was that they hadn’t bothered to use a new engine, but I found a RPS article that says otherwise, so that’s great news.

I’ll be watching with interest, but Firaxis has not shown themselves to be a day-one purchase developer. I still haven’t bought Beyond Earth yet.

Thanks for reminding me to cool my jets. BE was such a major disappointment. I regret buying it immensely. I’ll have to wait and see before I purchase this.

Yep. I agree that Civ V eventually became a helluva game, but it several years and two expansion packs that I paid full price for. I won’t be making that mistake with Firaxis ever again.

I agree that the cartoony style isn’t grabbing me.

Saw this image elsewhere and I feel that would have been a better direction to go into:

Maybe they’re planning on a tablet port down the line? :confused:

I’m definitely excited, but I’ll echo everyone else that it won’t be a day 1 purchase. I’ll see what the reactions are, and maybe get it in the winter sale.

Those bastards, I’ve just started to quit Civ V, using Stellaris and things like that as methadone and now they do this to me?
I want to have a life, but it’s those bastards at Firaxis. They won’t let me. One quality game after another, each one more brilliant than the last. If they only stumbled once - just gave us thirty minutes to ourselves. But they won’t, they won’t let me live.

Same here. I made the mistake of buying into the hype with Civiliization: Beyond Earth. Besides, I’m still trying to land somebody on a moon and get him back without running out of fuel or burning up in the atmosphere in Kerbal Space Program…

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

The whole “district” concept is making me drool. That is a fantastic addition to the game! Improvements don’t just exist in the abstract, but you have to place them in your city square, taking advantage of geometry?! INCLUDING wonders (like Pyramids have to be in the desert) drool

And science being tied to geography as well (as in you get a boost to researching seafaring if you are actually near the sea, or masonry if you have a quarry)? Awesome…

Can I buy it?
Or am I stuck with the crummy option of renting it?

Don’t follow… It’s available for pre-order, but I’d wait until we have more info. Although apparently it’s being pre-ordered a lot as it’s high up on the top seller’s list.

I look forward to buying the dubiously-named GOTY edition for 75% off during the 2017 Summer Sale.

Lol, they censored the nipples on the Liberty Leading the People.

From where?