CJ Fam is an 8-year old 'singer' who looks just like Sam Kinison

I spent an afternoon alternating between watching interviews with serial killers and music videos by Ark Music Productions (the company that brought us Rebecca Black). It was unbelievably damaging to my world view. Like many who have witnessed unspeakable horrors, I find that I cannot bear the brunt of what I have seen alone. I am not talking about Jeffrey Dahmer’s casual recounting of his murders, or Ted Bundy charming himself. I am talking about CJ Fam. I dare you to follow this link. It is something you cannot unsee.

My friend just informed me that she’s actually 11, not 8. Horror level: unaltered.

The autotune sucks, but at least it was better than Rebecca Black’s.

shrug The production makes it seem fairly reasonable. Minus auto-tune and professional makeup, I assure you that it would be far worse.

Nothing says success like nodding with approval black producers.

The auto-tune is strong with this one.

I think she looks more like early-Full-House-era Jodi Sweetin than Sam Kinison, though.

What have I done to you that you would inflict this on me?

Whatever it was, I promise to never do it again.


That was awful. I made it 30 seconds in.

Now I’m finally listening to Friday. The banality of the lyrics is pretty hilarious. It’s like an automaton trying to be poetic. “Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday.” Indeed.

My favorite spoof of ‘Friday’: It’s really an old Bob Dylan tune. - YouTube

The best cover of Friday was by Stephen Colbert and The Roots: - YouTube

If you ever just “didn’t get” pop music, this is where to start.

Was that a Yeti in the background? And a dude with a Stereogram on the opposite side? Beautiful.

Do the Ark guys not realize how creepy it is when they put themselves in their videos?

Her face reminded me of Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years, back when he had a chubby little-kid face.

The video was horrid. At least with Friday I found myself amused by the train wreck I was watching. This one had NO redeeming factors.

I don’t know… almost all the videos I’ve seen lately, even by bands I like doing songs I like are laughable and stupid. Vampire Weekend’s Holiday comes to mind. This one seems like a perfectly acceptable bland pop song no different than the all the other bland pop songs I hear, and it’s a competent video produced well.
All I’m saying is that Monday is my Friday, and tonight it’s partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!) partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!) fun fun fun fun!