Clamato y Cerveza?

There is a large billboard near my house which is usually directed toward the Spanish speaking community. When I came home last night, I saw that it now features a large can of Clamato and the words “Clamato y Cerveza”.

O.K., I don’t drink beer (or Clamato), and I’m not familiar with every cultural custom. But Clamato and BEER? A quick google search reveals that apparently some people do drink this. See this page, or the very bottom of this one.

But seriously, is there anyone who thinks this is a good idea? Anyone who’s tried it? Liked it? The thought of drinking either clamato OR beer makes me shudder. The two together? I don’t even want to think about it.

Well, as fond as UncleBeer is of Bloody Mary’s, and one would assume he likes beer, too, perhaps you should ask him.
[sub]Backatcha, UB[/sub]

Clamato juice and beer (or tomato juice and beer, a combination I prefer) is used as a hang-over treatment on the Canadian prairies. It’s known as a “Manitoba redeye” up here.

Where exactly does Clamato juice come from? It sounds like offal to me. Disguised with tomato juice.

Yeccchhh, no amount of beer or vodka or Worchestershire could justify that abomination!

I think clamatos are a hybrid produced by breeding clams and tomatoes. Both are invertebrates, both are only sortof alive…

In vancouver a redeye is a beer with a shot of tomato juice in it and a clameye is a beer with a shot of clamato juice in it.
Clamato is indeed a mixture of clam extract (juice?) and tomato juice. I have had a number of laughs at vegitrarians who i see drinking ceasers (for those who are not familiar with ceasers they are like bloody marys with clamato instead of tomato juice)

As I’ve mentioned in this forum before, my brother-in-law, from St. Louis, introduced me over ten years ago to the yumminess of chilled V-8 juice mixed with beer.

For some reason, the combo is even more pleasurable on a hot day than chilled beer straight up. Seems colder, somehow, more refreshing. They call it “red beer” out there.

What the hell, I like clam juice. I’m up for a Clamato and beer. I’ll try the experiment and report back.

I personally think it tastes nasty… though that may be because I can’t stand the taste of tomato in anything but ketchup and spaghetti sauce. However, whenever I go to Mexico it seems to be rather popular to drink beer with either tomato juice or clamato, especially when you’re hung over.