Clarence, you bad bad bad thang. How happy you made me

checks crystal ball for a MPSIMS thread in December

"My bad, bad, bad indoor possum!"


You so funny.

Look further in your crystal ball and see how I become independently wealthy. And when?
I needs to know.:money_mouth_face:

You become a YouTube content creator, posting videos of this strange possum who lives in your house.

Do you have outlets on your deck? Then Clarence needs one of these for the winter:

Well, I’m buying that!!

I hear Sonic is hiring. But you would probably accept payment in corndogs.

The Corndog Queen of Arkansas has a ring to it. :slight_smile:

Do I get a tiara?

Heck, yes.

He might have to fight a local cat or raccoon for occupancy, but they are handy warm spaces.

Pshaw, I thought you slept in one!

Shh. Boo!

I want a new one.:princess:

She got her eye on one. A custom job.

I kinda hate you.

Etsy is your friend Beck. And maybe you can find something for Clarence there as well. Just send the bill to @Gatopescado. :wink:

Hear that? Mr. Fish breath.
Send me you CC#, forthwith.
I need to make an order.


Boy, you’re pushing it. Now you want Beck to have a tamed opossum wearing a Tiera?!?!?

I think it is more an opossum having a tamed Beck wearing a tiara.

Have you seen the reports of pigeons with hats on?
I could glue a crown on Clarence.
That would be fun.

(I wonder how people got hats on wild pigeons? This is gonna worry me for…umm …I don’t know…minutes😏)