Clarification in QZ mandated vaccination thread

Two related mod directions, both identifying parts of the discussion as something to be pulled back from.

Thing is though that a thread discussing mandating vaccines potential reactions to it really has to include a discussion about the public’s trust of the process right now, from distrust originating from the current executive branch circumstances, to the hesitant, to anti-vaxxers.

Clarification requested on how to engage in that discussion within the intent of the instruction.

Looking at the OP, it doesn’t ask for factual information, but for personal opinions. Given that, I’ve moved it to IMHO and rescinded my instructions.

FWIW it seems to be that trying to keep opinions and debate out of QZ is an unrealistic and undesirable goal. Limiting partisan political hijacks makes sense but most of what is related to COVID-19 is opinion and debate right now, albeit informed by facts sometimes.

Opinions and debate are tolerated to some degree. That thread was becoming excessively heated.