Clarity is SO important...

… in technical communications. IT people and other engineering/technical types are frequently accused of being unable to use English properly. There is some truth behind these accusations, as evidenced by this gem, culled from the latest set of technical requirements sent to me:-

Good, isn’t it? To forestall some possible comments: yes, the person who wrote this is a native speaker of English… insofar as he speaks any language known to humankind.

Once you decipher it, you realise it’s an … interesting … approach to the problem of allowing for time zones in an international system (whose database contains, by the way, a remarkable number of datetime fields). It’s also an approach which is enthusiastically endorsed by my crazed Australian boss. If you hear any strange noises, it’s probably me, gnawing off my own pancreas in an attempt to get away from this project.

It’s good to know that ours isn’t the only IT Dev center held together by bile. :smiley: