Clark Kent beats Phelp's 100m butterfly record.

Since he’s an alien with super powers, shouldn’t he be disqualified?

No one names their kid “Clark”, so it had to be intentional. Didn’t they realize that he’d be hearing jibes about that his entire life?

His name is Clark Kent Apuada.

Wow! Simpsons reference too.

Hearing a name like that, I instantly wondered if he was Filipino. No–just Filipino-American.

I’ve heard of a lot of Filipino names pulled from pop culture and such. I once knew a Cherry Garcia.

Are other swimming records held by pre-ttens, or is the butterfly special?


Just hope he keeps growing. He average height of an Olympic swimmer is between 6’3" - 6’5" (Phelps is 6’4").

This record is for people 10 years old or younger.

Actually, it’s a record for that specific meet. Not a world record for age 10.

No no. He self-identifies as human, so its all good.

And that specific meeting is for 10 and under, yes?

I’m not impressed unless he beats Barry Allen at the next meeting.

Yes, I’m saying it’s not a WORLD record for age 10 and under. Just for that one meet.

Did someone make that claim or are you "well actually"ing for fun?

I don’t know that anyone made the claim, but there seemed to be a lot of ambiguity around what exactly kind of record was broken. If someone refers to a “record” my mind immediately thinks world record.

This is just a meet record. In swimming there tend to be records for the pool, the team, a meet, age group records, national records (set by some one of that nationality), country records (meaning set in that country), and world records. To make it even harder there are yards records (US only), short course (25 meters), and long course (50 meters).

This is mostly just a fluff piece since there probably not that many kids that can go that fast so there will not be many chances to break that record. I couldn’t find the age group for meters, but 10 and under 100 yard fly is :58.36 which is about 1:06.5 long course.