Clark Kent beats Phelp's 100m butterfly record.

Clark is only ten years old. We’ll probably see him at the 2024 games. Unless puberty sidetracks his training. :wink:

The reporters failed to note that Phelps was 10 when that record was set 23 years ago. He’s 33 now.

Clark shaved a second off the old record.

The SFGate website reported on this story and they actually said “Clark, who only started swimming a few years ago …” He’s TEN! Anything he’s done he only started doing a few years ago.

sometimes kids like him can burn out if they over do it at a young age.

I guess it helps being from krypton.

Yeah, they are hyping the heck out of this story. I see ten year old breaks record in all the headlines.

Conveniently ignoring that Phelps set that record at the same age.

Clark may have a similar championship career. Can’t say until we see how he performs at future swim meets. 2024 is a long time from now for any athlete.

We’ll see if he grows up to be a freaky human-fish hybrid like Phelps. If so he’s got a bright future.

Shouldn’t his parents have named him Arthur Curry?

I can’t imagine facing 6 years of professionally coached swim training.

100’s of laps in the pool, day after day. Daily weight room training. Running laps at the track. I loved sports but I couldn’t have trained that consistently for that many years.

Olympic Athletes have to want it really bad. That fire in the belly can’t ever go out. Even then there’s no way of predicting what will happen in 2024.

The real story here is exactly what led Mr and Ms Kent to name their child Clark.

They thought it was a super name.

It was Mrs. Kent’s maiden name.

That’s a great accomplishment, but only time will tell if keeps with it. As any swim parent (or parent of any sport) can tell you, there are many astonishing kids at a young age that don’t last in the sport. Sometimes it’s because the kid has a natural talent because of their size at that age, but they lose that edge when they grow. Or sometimes it’s because their natural talent made it easy to stand out, but then they lose motivation once they have to work to keep up. Especially in swimming, where it’s common to have a morning and evening multi-hour workout even at the high-school level.

Wait until he has to face Alexander “Lex” Luthor or Henry “Hank” Henshaw.

No shit.

I’ve heard Bruce “Bruce” Wayne has had it out for Kent recently, as well.

What’s the record? 100m butterfly for 10 year olds? If so, why does anyone care that the kid is 10?

Yeah, I’d like that clarification, too. The CNN article is far too coy about it. Looking into it, I think it’s a meet record. Also, Kent is his middle name.

Kids who have fast times typically continue to have fast times as they get older. Since Kent beat Phelp’s record at that age, the thought is that he may continue to beat Phelp’s records as he gets older.

A 4ft 100lb kid will glide through the water easier than a 6ft 190 lb adult.

A ten year old hasn’t gone through puberty and doesn’t have the hormones or muscle mass of an adult.

I don’t know how they track records for kids. But theres a big difference in their swimming.

It’s very weird to google “Clark Kent” and not get a Superman reference on the first page. Only pages abut this super-kid.