Classic [anythings] that, on revisiting, disappointed?

This thread suggested its opposite.

Newsweek has a sidebar column in which they ask prominent or up-and-coming authors, musicians, and filmmakers to name their top five favorites in their medium, with two follow-up questions. The topic is one of the more frequent ones, and it seems like an interesting one to me. How would you reply? Any/all media is/are fine.

(Note: The word “disappointed,” to me, implies that you once liked the thing in question, or held it in higher regard than you do now. Like I said, the opposite of the other thread.)

Your OP is not very clear, I think you are grabbing for things we might have loved on first glance, now when you go back, you now don’t get the big deal.

I’ll start…most Classic Rock music. I might haved loved Aerosmith or Steve Miller or whatever back in the day. But if that music comes on the radio now, I’d be horrified to turn it up and rock out, man.

When I made the switch from tapes to cd’s and now from cd’s to digital, I made the mistake of getting previously heard music in the new medium. I founds that I had very little interest in listening to what I thought was awesome in the 80’s, today.

Love for that music was specific to a certain period in life, now I’m on to the next moment, I simply don’t do nostalgia.

I think a lot of our favorite comedy films fall into this category.

Things that cracked us up when we were 15 don’t necessarily seem so funny when we’re 40+.

“Blazing Saddles” and “This Is Spinal Tap” are two movies I loved and quoted regularly years ago. But both were astonishingly unfunny last time I saw them.

That’s not a knock on Mel Brooks or Chris Guest- fact is, I’m not at the same stage of my life, AND I can’t be surprised by any of the jokes any more. So, how could I have the same reaction I Once did?

As a kid, I’d watch reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show, and enjoy it. I especially loved the jokes that Buddy would use to make fun of Mel.

Then, a few years ago, when seeing the show on TV land, I showed it to my wife, who never really watched it before, but I didn’t find it as amusing as I did when I was a kid. Even the jokes Buddy made at Mel’s expense fell flat.