Classic horror DVDs/Spanish Dracula question

The classic 1930s Universal horror classics (and their sequels) are finally coming to DVD: Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman, all packaged with their sequels. Great news for completing classic film collections, even if Dracula is the only one that still really has any staying power.

The Dracula DVD contains an adaptation I’ve always wanted to see. As many here already know, there was a Spanish language version of Dracula filmed on the same sets using the same scene for scene script [in Spanish] of Lugosi’s version each evening when the English language cast/crew went home. It is considered in many ways superior to the English language version with the only major criticism being that the Spanish Dracula is not as charismatic as Lugosi.
Question: does anybody know if this “bilingual shift-change” method of filming was used on any other movies?

I must point out that these classics are coming BACK to DVD. They were available for quite a while before being pulled “mysteriously” about 2 years ago.

We now know they were being held in limbo to be relaunched as a tie-in to the debacle known as “Van Helsing”.

But the prices are much better now then the first time around!

The Spanish-language Dracula was a one-off becasuew it simply cost too much to have two casts making the same film, so Universal and the other studios simply went to dubbing afterwards.

I guess this is not the answer you are looking for, but the Blue Angel was filmed simultaniously in German and English. I saw the German one as a kid and have seen the English version several times in more recent years but I have always been very curious about how the acting might have differed. Has anyone compared this? Eve?