Classic Straight Dope?

I was responding to dropzone in another thread where he proposed that no one would miss any of the threads from MPSIMS or The BBQ Pit if they were deleted a few weeks after falling from the front page and I created a brief list of threads I though of as classics. I was wondering what other ones people have squirreled away, bookmarked or otherwise kept free and clear access to.

This is what I started with:
Where would you be without: [ul][li]Monkeys[]Penguins[]Goats[]Gerbils[]Bitches[]Funny things people’ve said[]People in the personal entertainment distribution business[]Sticking things in surprising places[]Simply WAY TMI[/ul][/li]Other threads I like to look in on every once in a while (including a personal favorite):[ul][li]Some tongue not in cheek advice[]stuff you maybe KOWBYDWTLSSYDA[]Amazing coincidence? You decide[]A heartwarming tale of Christmas cheer[]the OFFICIAL Road Trip[]Learning to flame for fun and profit[]A Democritus-Flypsyde love-in[]Tell Drain to “Smile,” I dare you[]Paper, Rock, Scissors never had it this good[/ul]and finally[ul]I’m sorry, too[/ul][/li]Please, share your favorites.

Thanks and I’ll close as I did before:

Link to them.
Read them.
Enjoy them.

But puleeese do NOT respond to them, o.k.? Reviving old threads just adds to the workloads of the Administrators, Moderators, and the Almighty Server.

Thank you.

Well, I hate to be a stick in the mud…but there’s nothing there I couldn’t live without. I did want to congratulate you on all the coding, though. Nice work!

Well, the only other threads I came up with (It’s still early) are

Two ships. One steel cage. Hell In The Cell!

I can no longer find The “Earth Is Flat, I Read It In The Paper”, which is just as well. That thread was scary. But still, many regulars here will remember (and shudder at the sound of) that title, so that makes it a classic. In the worst way.

I’ll second the nomination of Guy Stuff as a classic, at least in the MPSIMS sense.

That’s the thing. Since the forums of the SDMB are so varied, it’s hard to come up with any one post that is truly a general SDMB classic. IMHO.

The only thread that even comes close was for WallyM7’s memorial thread. The showing of the SD community in that thread came from all over the board, and rightly so.

Thinksnow, you forgot about groundhogs :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t forget, chique, I was just sticking to MPSIMS and Pit (I think).

A thousand thanks! The groundhog thread was just a rumor to me, never could slog through all the search hits to find the original. Scylla’s first, eh? It’s like finding a virgin Quarrymen record.

The thread that turned me into a junkie was WWII and Toad-In-The-Hole.