Classic Variety shows

I am trying to buy gifts for my father for XMas. He is house-bound and due to the drugs that he is taking, his attention span is not what it used to be. However, recently he has enjoyed the best of Johnny Carson and others like it. So it is my plan to try and get him DVDs of classic variety shows (and a DVD player): Carol Burnette, Flip Wilson, Sonny and Cher. But my memory is dim and I can’t remember all of them. Will you dopers help me make a list to search for?


Did he ever watch Ed Sullivan? I think there might be some tapes available of that show.

Try searching for tapes of “The Hollywood Palace”, or the Dean Martin Shows. Jackie Gleason used to have a variety show, of sorts. Does he go back as far as Perry Como?

I am SO old!

The Hudson Brothers

Mac Davis

Jim Stafford

All those celebrity roasts…

I was just about to mention the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, NCB! I know they’re available on video, if not on DVD.

Steve Allen, Jackie Gleason, Jack Paar, Ed Sullivan and whatsisname… the guy in the ape suit. Edie Adams was his wife… KOVACS! Ernie Kovacs.