Classical piece needs identification !

This is my final option im trying (I have been to three instrument/sheet stores and asked) to find out who wrote this piece. There is a song in the documentary “If drugs were legal” that I want to play on piano but no one knows who composed it nor what song it is . I’ll send you guys the link and hope you’ll send me more information.

It is played in the background starting approx. at 7:28

Could it be original music composed just for the documentary?

Anyway, it sounds quite simple. You might try to work it out by ear. I’m incredibly busy right now, but if you don’t make any progress in a week or so, send me an email and I’ll transcribe it for you.

Too easy.

Ask a hard one next time.

It’s just that I want the sheets and was hoping it was a larger piece.

Shakester is 100% right.

ahhh OK, well disregard my post.