Classist Wall Street occupiers refuse to share food, bridge gaps with marginalized homeless

the OWS kitchen staff are resisting the efforts of the most vulnerable to better their diet and redress past inequities, as classism rears its ugly head. Through ruthless propaganda at the street hall meetings these privileged few have prevailed on the broad masses of occupiers to vote against the principles of equity and social justice by further marginalizing the bologna-less homeless and consigning them to soup kitchens for the poor. An Obama administration official had this to say:

From the original article:

They’re running a protest, not a charity.

Whoa dude you have officially blown my mind. I guess everyone who support OWS is wrong, then! And shit.

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The New York Post? Really?

I googled a phrase from your quote and found only this thread.

I blame Bush.

This is the break the McCain campaign has been waiting for.

I would never have thought the OWS had an “official kitchen” providing free food to protesters. Where do the ingredients come from? Presumably someone is paying for it at some point

It’s “parody”.

I hear that the protestors are also not adopting orphans and caring for lepers. Clearly they hate children and sick people too.

Mostly donations. See this article for some information.

It’s kind and generous people like you that keep me coming back here. :slight_smile:

The WSJ has a good short editorial today along these same lines. One tidbit–several drummers were complaining about a 50% “percussion tax” on their tips.

And some of the protestors have appointed themselves/volunteered as “kitchen staff”?

If anyone’s working an 18 hour day, sounds like they need to call for more contributions from the unwashed masses.

Corporate America.

Valid thread topic (example):

The OWA protest confronts seeming contradiction in its goals and positions when the homeless seek to participate in the food being procured and prepared for the protesters.

I think that’s a fair commentary on the tension between the apparent goals of the movement and… well… reality.

Invalid tactic:

“Hilarious.” (sarcastic smiley), and an example of content-free ranting, not debate.

Here’s an article from The Atlantic Wire responding to the New York Post article.

The OP quoted a large portion of the Post article, and I’ve shortened that quote in keeping with our fair use guidelines.

While the OP went about in the absolute worst way possible, I actually agree with him. The OWS protestors should be showing the world they are all about helping the 99%, the entire 99%, and if that means buying cheaper food or gathering more donations, then so be it.

Besides that, there’s an easy fix to this. Hand out food coupons at certain times of the day and if you’re not on hand to get a coupon then you don’t eat. That’ll weed out all but the most determined freeloaders.