Claude A. Allen, Bush's Domestic Policy Advisor: WTF?

From Daily Kos:

What the fuck? This is the president’s advisor on domestic policy. He coordinated the initial White House response to Katrina. He was reportedly making $160K a year. Apparently, he was also a kleptomaniac, although he put a little twist into the whole procedure, with the fraudulent return thing.

You may enjoy the Grand Old Docket at TPM, where you can see a summary of the big name indictments of politicians and advisors, operatives and other high-level wrong-doers that are spewing out of the woodworks lately. I guess they’ll have to add Allen in there for his ripping off Target, right next to Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay.

Hey, on a separate note, while we’re here, why aren’t we hearing more about the three contracts, totalling a quarter of a million dollars, that the Executive Office of the President paid to Mitchell Wade (of Duke Cunningham scandal fame) for “intelligence services”?

Restoring integrity to the White House my left nut.

With all these whackos in the administration, maybe letting UAE run some of our ports really is a good thing…


Hell, maybe we could outsource our entire Executive Branch to another country. I hear the Netherlands is pretty well-run…

How long until Mr. Moto comes along with, “But Bill Clinton…”[sup]®[/sup] ?

If these allegations are true, this is a stunning and despicable failure on the part of the Bush administration. Allen was nominated for a spot on the Court of Appeals. I shudder to think of the consequences of placing either an out-an-out crook or a mentally ill person like this on the federal bench with a lifetime appointment. I also refuse to believe that there wasn’t SOMETHING in the man’s background that would have given rise to suspicions, something that a diligent investigation would have revealed.

Tremendously poor showing for the vetting process at the White House. Absolutely disgraceful.

All politics aside, this is one whacked out dude. A weird story that may not be all that uncommon. This guy needs to be studied.

Was the domestic policy advisor. He stepped down last month-- perhaps because he knew of the upcoming indictment? But he’s accused of swindling Target-- maybe that gives you some idea of the quality of his “domestic advise”. :slight_smile:

A major political figure shoplifting three dollar items at Target? I’m not saying it’s excusable, but activity like this seems more like a sign of mental illness than a crime.

Although I must say, I don’t think I recall hearing Allen’s name before this. Up to now, I didn’t know if anyone was giving the President advice on domestic policy.

I don’t understand WHY someone in a position of power and authority, and a very nice paycheck to boot, would do such a thing. It makes no sense at all. It’s downright stupid. Maybe it’s all part of the vetting process, security background check, and “restoring honor and dignity mumble mumble”. It seems we have one loser after another getting busted every day. Who was the guy with the lamp, searching for just ONE honest man??

Claude A. Allen did that once, although for some reason he was using two lamps.

I guess he’ll go from hosting “Ask The White House” to “Ask The Big House”

Thank god for the filibuster, eh? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s that obvious that vetting would have uncovered a minor kleptomania problem. If he’d never been caught doing anything priviously, and his problem didn’t interfere with his work, I can’t blame the WH for not catching it, even if there were a few rumors or something floating around.

Allen’s problem is that he’s a homophobic demagouge who thinks withholding information about sex from teenagers will somehow keep them from having it. His kleptomania doesn’t really seem that big a deal to me. If he commited a crime then he should go to jail, but I don’t think the nation would’ve collapse because a judge or domestic advisor occasionally gave himself a “five finger discount”

He was apparently caught shoplifting at Target, resigned, and was then indicted. So your guess is correct.

That would be Diogenes. The original Diogenes, not our Diogenes

Is there any evidence that Allen was actually a significant figure in the Bush administration, as opposed to being a space-filler who was used to convince the public that there was a significant number of blacks in the administration? Bush has a real problem in appointing a significant number of blacks. About 90% of African-Americans are liberal enough that there’s no way that they would take a position in the administration. I’ve heard, furthermore, that, while there is a tendency for whites in the U.S. to be more conservative if they are more well-off, there’s no such tendency for blacks in the U.S. Well-off African-Americans are just as liberal on average as working-class blacks. Even restricting oneself to well-off blacks then, 90% of them are too liberal for the Bush administration.

So the Bush administration has to somehow show that it’s not prejudiced and thus has to have some reasonable amount of African-Americans in it. Yes, there are some well-qualified conservative blacks like Rice, and some who are moderates like Powell and who are willing to serve with an administration that is mostly quite a bit more conservative than they are. But there just aren’t that many conservative African-Americans around, so they can’t get too picky.

I suppose after his quest failed, he then became The Cynic :slight_smile:

Well, President Bush only last month said:

Whether that means he was in actuality anything more than a space filler, who knows? You can’t really trust anything George Bush says anyway.

Well Wendell, he was number two in Health and Human Services, and Bush nominated him to the court of appeals twice, so he certainly wasn’t insignificant.

Bricker it looks like this is indeed true:

ROFL! Heckuva Job Allen :smiley:

If the reports about him being a klepto are true, it’s not about getting things for free. It’s all about the thrill of getting away with it, and it’s usually a compulsion.

Welllllll. Now he gets to experience the thrills of being charged, indicted, going to trial, and going to jail. He should be absolutely stoned off that adrenaline rush.