Clay Buchholz no hits the Orioles! Yeah!

I’ve been aware since early this year that he was a pitcher to be reckoned with (and haven’t been shy about telling anyone with a remote interest in baseball about him). So he goes out and no-no’s the Baltimore Orioles tonite. Sad part is he is no longer the Red Sox Big Secret Weapon anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking a big WAG here: based on the number of replies in the Michigan upset thread (30) vs. here (0), college football is followed by many more Dopers than is baseball.

Yeah, Buchholz picked the wrong day to throw a no-no. The first day of college football season in general would crowd out baseball but Michigan-App State will completely push it to the margins. He’ll likely only get front page on the sports pages in Boston and Baltimore.

And poor Orioles too…30 runs and now a no-no? At least they still have the Devil Rays to look down on.

That was quite a game. I watched the whole thing. I’ll tell you, by the 8th inning my palms were sweating and I was pacing. I did buy a new coffee maker and had about 4 cups of coffee, so maybe that had something to do with it.

My friends were at the game!!! The second game she goes to this season and she gets to see a no-no! Well, at least I had two wonderful hikes up in the mountains, but I would have loved to be there.

He must have had his stuff going…it looks like the final pitch broke about THREE FEET!

That is unbelievably nasty. :eek:

Here’s every out:

It was fun to watch, especially Pedroia’s put out in the 7th.