Clean but ugly - I need to fix my tub!

One of the bathtubs in the house I justy bought is clean (I cleaned with bleach, oxi-clean, and scrubbing bubbles - darn but it’s clean!) but still looks grimey on the bottom surface.
You know, kinda greyish marks. The surface feels smooth, yet something’s going on.
It isn’t the iron showing through the enamel, I don’t think (that’s going on at the other tub, which will likely need replacing).

So, how can I fix this?

My parents used cleaning materials on their enamel bath which permanently damaged the surface. We looked into methods of repairing it in situ. One product we found was Jaeger Bath Kit. You can google it to find information. It sounds pretty good, but it is expensive. Not as expensive as getting a professional in, however. As yet we have not done anything, so I can’t offer first hand testimony.

Could just be stained too, try a little clorox soaked on a paper towel. Leave it sit for a few hours, then peek under.

This may be vague, but my cousin is having the same problem with his tub. He went to Lowes and bought some sort of bathtub restoration kit for $30 that he described as “a sheet of stuff you glue over your existing tub surface to make it look new again.” He has yet to put it on, however.

Vague, yes. But go to Lowes, perhaps they can help. I looked on their Web site and found a “fiberglass tub repair kit” but I don’t think that’s what my cousin got.

From the OP, it sounds like we are talking a tub that is “enamel” over steel/cast iron, and not a plastic tub (acrylic, fibreglass or some other nonmetallic composite).

This site talks about caring for enamel tubs and sinks. They suggest hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach for stain removal (as suggested by EvilGhandi) but caution that it should be diluted, and not left on for extended periods.

This entry from the same website suggests that the stain may be permanent, unless you have the tub refinished.