Cleaning a laptop for the ultra-careful...

So as I’ve mentioned before, I have a Macbook Pro, and I anticipate that I will probably want to clean it at some point. I’ve got a kit called iKlear, which comes with a cleaning solution, wipes, cloths, and so on.

Any thoughts on how to make absolutely sure that, if I use the solution (or even water) and cloths, that they aren’t wet enough to get liquid inside the sensitive areas, especially the keyboard and touchpad, both of which obviously have sensitive crevices?

I’ve tried to fix many a laptop after the deadly “coffee spill” and most times it’s pointless. Sugar in coffee is a 99% your laptop will die thing. Milk or cream also means it’s pretty shot, but plain black coffee isn’t the problem as long as you can get the laptop shut off, (remove battery ASAP or unplug) and then gently shake the coffee out and leave the computer off for at least one day. (Then you have to take the dried out coffee and wipe it off. Sugar reacts very quickly to the laptop so will short your motherboard very fast.

If you do use anything, use alcohol wipes to clean the computer. Alcohol dries very quickly. Water is not a good thing for your laptop so if you do use water, used DISTILLED water, not bottled water but DISTLLED water and then make sure if you’re taking it apart to leave it to dry overnight to make sure every trace of water is gone before you turn it on again.

Keyboards can be kept clean but it’s kind of like “what’s the use.” Some people don’t realize tha a laptop keyboard reallys slides out pretty easily so can be replaced. It’ll run you about a hundred bucks (give or take a few) for a new one.

Water really isn’t an enemy as long as you’re not soaking the computer in it. I like the alcohol wipes for that reason. They come in very small packets and, as I said, it dries very quickly. Also make sure you have a place for the screws and mark down where each one goes so you can get them back together again properly

Wipes are a good idea; they certainly avoid the moisture problem I was concerned about.

Is the alcohol safe for aluminum (which a Macbook Pro case is made of)?

On the keyboard, I’d recommend the old standby of using Q-tips dipped in alcohol until damp (not dripping). Alcohol should be safe on aluminum, as some of the anti tarnishing agents contain a lot of it. But I will grant that I’ve never tried it. You can always test it out on a nonessential part of the case to be sure.

To me, the hardest part to clean of a laptop is the screen. The only thing I’ve gotten to work are the wipes specifically designed for this purpose.

If you do choose to use the cleaning solution, spray the cloths, not the laptop itself. That should help keep the moisture to a minimum. Since the cleaner is likely alcohol based, you’re essentially just creating your own wipes.

Though that gets into my concern again about the wiggle room between “damp” and “dripping.” Can’t there be liquid intrusion even if it’s not dripping wet?

Much to my dismay, I’ve ended up sharing my beautiful HP Pavilion dv7 with a 4 year, old. Needless to say, there are “things” under my keys. How do I found out of the keys are removable AND reinsertable without trial and error, mostly error?

I have a desktop but I use Lysol disinfecting wipes to clean my keyboard. I squeeze out excess liquid first and it has never harmed anything.

Hubs has a laptop but doesn’t clean it, so I can’t say what would happen. Maybe I can persuade him one day. Heck, the man wouldn’t do laundry more than once a month if I wasn’t around. :smiley: