Cleaning blood from concrete (a rehash)

This is a rehash of a thread I started a couple of weeks ago, about cleaning an outdoor building used to butcher deer.

I’ve used a pressure washer in the area, and it did an admirable but incomplete job getting the clots and other grossities up. Several of you have suggested trisodium phosphate as a cleaning agent…

How do you use it? Pour powder on the floor, and scrub? Can I get it as a liquid, and use the siphon on my pressure washer? Can I mix it with chlorine bleach without killing myself?

Wooo Hoooo, a question in my field!

We use TSP to clean up the very mess your talking about.

Wet down the area with hot water, sprinkle on TSP, scrub in, leave for at least 30 minutes, rinse off with really hot water.

You will now have a really clean spot on the floor thats gonna make the rest look bad.

Blood on concrete, thought I’d have to wait years for a question like that :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to hot water out there. Will cold water work?

Hot water really is the key to getting a good chemical reaction. That said, cold might be good enough, worth a try at least.
Soda ash may work better with cold water.
Have you tried baking soda yet, that may be a winner.

ok now you have to tell us all what you do for a living, and if it’s more interesting than Deer Butcher, you’d better post some cool stories on MPSIMS

After the concrete is clean, how do I get the blood off the carpet and how do I get the chainsaw clean again? Is it best to bury the remains all in one place, or spread them about a bit? Do you know any local pig farmers? :wink:

I’m a mainenance manager in a rendering plant so blood and guts are my bread and butter so to speak.
If you have someone on the inside* then it would be tough to beat rendering as a disposal method. The “material” gets gound up, cooked, seperated,THEN made into pig feed. Try to track that one down Mr Forensic Investigator!
You are on your own with the carpet and chainsaw though. Although we do have the “cow cutter” that would render (hehe) the chainsaw unnecessary.

*No, I am not going to be that man

Yes, the trace DNA found in the hot dogs matched Mr. Jones. On a side note, the plant is recalling all hot dogs in five states.