Cleaning greasy stains out of a picnic basket

I’ve got a picnic basket that was recently used to transport a large smoked pork shoulder, and unfortunately, part of the picnic basket’s liner (which is sewn in) has got a large grease stain on it. Is there an easy way to get the stains out without ruining the basket or removing the flimsy liner? I’d like to keep and be able to reuse the basket, but I’m not sure what’s going to be the best method for removing the stain and making it usable again.

Thanks in advance,


What is the liner made from, fabric, or plastic? If it’s plastic I’d use a good grease cutter like Dawn dish washing detergent and water. If it’s fabric, I’d find someone who does basket work and see if they could remove the liner for washing and then reinstall it.

It’s got a thin fabric liner, which is probably some sort of chintz or muslin. Looks like I might have to take it apart, as it’s not very well-sewn in. Thanks for the tip.

I use a product called “Un-Du” to remove grease/oil stains. It’s available at large craft stores as well as online. Kinda expensive.

Totally random guess, but could you maybe boil the whole contraption in hot water + soap/OxiClean/grease remover of some sort for just a few minutes and see if the oil rises?

Then dry the whole thing out in the sun.

I ended up removing the liner from the basket and laundering it. If it survives, I’ll sew it back into the basket. As for the basket itself, I used a degreaser and wiped it down.

And it changed your name too? Must be some really effective laundering.