Cleaning laptop mouse button

The left mouse button on my laptop is misbehaving. I suspect that it’s gotten bread crumbs under it. At least it looks like something is under it and crumbs are the most likely culprit. I could probably pop it off and clean it out. How difficult is it to pop it back in? It’s an H-P laptop about three or four years old. I don’t remember the model name or number.

Eh, generally speaking, it’s not that difficult. The hard part is that laptop keyboard keys and mouse buttons tend to be very thin, light, and fragile. You have to be careful so that you don’t break anything, and you have to make sure that you have the key/button lined up correctly when you snap it back into place.

I think you’d be much better off to at least attempt hitting it with some canned air before you pop keys off. Whatever is under it doesn’t actually need to come out, even just moving it a little so it doesn’t interfere with the button would help.
As ecg said, laptop keys can be a pain to pop in and out. Some aren’t so bad, some can be difficult (like the ones that have a little metal spring clip that has to be lined up just right).

As for mouse buttons, I’m not even sure you can remove those from the top. It may involve removing the entire keyboard bezel. That’s even more of a pain than removing buttons. The easiest ones just have some clips and comes off. Some require you essentially starting at the bottom of the laptop and removing components until you get to the top.
Start with canned air.