Cleaning Osterizer buttons

I have a 27 year old Osterizer that works great, except for the buttons. They have 27 years worth of gunk and grime in them and stick to the point where it’s difficult to turn off the machine. So I was thinking, could I clean them with carb cleaner? Pull the face off and try spraying that stuff on there to de-grime it?

Are the buttons sticking against the faceplate of the blender? Or is the button mechanism (I’m assuming it’s the standard long black block with six or seven pushbuttons) itself sticking?

The plastic buttons pull off fairly easily (or not so easy, depending on the amount of crud)

Aside from that, I’d be hesitant to spray it with carb cleaner, not knowing if it would melt or distort the plastic.

I’d go with something like tuner cleaner rather than carb cleaner. Tuner cleaner (available at places like Radio Shack) is designed to be used around plastics and electrical contacts, so you won’t wind up melting the insulation on your wires by accident.

It needs the expertise of a service technician to take it apart and clean everything thoroghly.
IF you are a competent mechanic/electrician have at it othewise… you are on your own.

Well I just hosed it down with brak-kleen and then dried it with an air compressor. So far so good, but I haven’t plugged it back in yet. It still sticks, but it’s quite a bit better then before.