Cleaning scratches off a DVD...Possible?

This has probably been discussed before, but can’t seem to search for it…

What is the best (if any) way to work out scratches on a DVD? I have several which jump in very specific areas, sometimes 5-10 mins at a time unviewable due to small scratches.

Are they fixable (if so, how)…or are they screwed?


Look at this:DVD Doctor


Thanks StG,

What I was really asking, (although I never said it out loud, oops!) was, although there are many products available on the market, has anyone used them and found them to be successful?

Do any of these ‘fixers’ truly fix DVD’s? Can you rub out a deep scratch? Anyone ever had real success with it?

My nephew works at MediaPlay, a division of BestBuy. He says they use the product in the store. If you only have one, you might take it to an electronis/media store and ask if they would fix it for you. For good customer relations, they might do it.