Cleaning up paint from wood floors

I finally painted the moulding in the little bedroom. I used that blue tape made for masking when you paint. I sealed the edges as well as I could. And still paint got underneath. I put down some Ikea wood veneer flooring a while back. How do I clean off the seeped paint? It will come up very easily if I wipe it with a wet paper towel, but that will mess up the trim. How do I get it off once it dries? I used semi-gloss interior enamel.

Your best bet is to wipe it up immediately – use a little varsol on a cloth if necessary. Once dry, use a razor – the type of blades your dad used. Paint shops sell handles that let you use them as scrapers.

I realize that it is too late now, but for future painting, don’t waste effort masking (taping) – just cut (paint the edge) cleanly. Tape and edging tools are OK for splatters, but tend to seep if you do not cut the edge cleanly.

Well, I have Pergo flooring (is the IKEA flooring basically the same stuff?) and once paint dries, it peels right off the floor. Or I use my finger nail to scrape it up. Once I had to use nail polish remover to get dried nail polish off the floor and the floor was fine.

Assuming it is a latex paint, it will come right off with some water if it is still wet. If it has dried, I use something called Goof off. A little bit on a wet rag will remove the paint, while not messing up the floor’s finish.

I have also had good success with Goof Off on our hard wood floors. I dapped some on the spot with a rag and then gently scraped off with a razor blade being careful not to gouge the floor.

I’ll look for the Goof Off. I can’t do anything to the room until Friday.