Clear masks or masks with a clear window

My hearing is crap and all the mask wearing makes it hard for me to know what people are saying, because I can’t see their mouths. Yeah, I wear super-duper hearing aids, and they help a lot, but people mumble, too. And BTW, get off my lawn. Not to mention that no one knows when you’re smiling.

My audiologist wears this one, because (obviously) she has clients who lip read.

Anybody use a clear mask or one with a clear window? I would guess a solid plastic window would definitely block any air-borne virus better than fabric. Thoughts/experiences?

I’ve seen these in the news a few times but not a single time in the wild. Not sure whether they are more or less effective, air still has to go in and out even if part of the mask is impermeable.

I don’t know why but they just feel creepier to me than a regular mask. Lol.

When you were with your audiologist, did it work well or was it fogged up?

I always wonder the same thing when I hear about them (but also, have never seen them used). I feel like if I wore one, I’d be a lot more likely to want to pull it down off my face. With a regular mask, as annoying as it is, I can leave it on for a half hour while I’m in a store. The clear ones seem like they’d trap enough humidity, possibly to the point of dripping, to make them uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.
I do notice, however, the one in the link mentions ‘anti fogging technology’. Not that that’s anything new, but all that humidity still has to escape somewhere, right? If it can’t condense on the clear front, I’m guessing a lot of it condenses on your face.

Fogging is often a problem. I’ve watched videos and demos of different clear masks, and quite often the mask gets too fogged up to see the person’s lips. A mask which has an air supply would likely be needed in order to keep the mask clear. For example, something like this:

But even with those masks, I’ve seen videos where the mask gets fogged up even with the air circulating.

When I have an appointment somewhere, I ask for pencil and paper. Hearing impaired people are literally Up Shit Creek with the mask business. I can’t even understand Mr VOW with a mask, and we practically communicate telepathically.

A related story. I have a friend who works for a home health care agency, and a directive came barreling down on all employees.

Some clients have nanny cams in their homes, so grown children can check up on how the home health care people are doing. There have been angry calls about health care workers removing their masks in the house.

I told my friend to get ahold of the administration of the agency. The clients CANNOT HEAR, and so they direct the workers to take off their masks.

Don’t penalize the workers! Have paper and pencil at the ready!

I also told my friend to check all client TVs to make sure the closed captioning is turned on.


Actually I just saw her this morning. The mask is great. One forgets how nice it is to see a smiling face. From the picture note that the top and bottom are lined with foam that seals against the face and prevents air coming out at the top, so no fogging of glasses. The sides are open so no fogging of the mask.

I’ve been looking at some on amazon that are fabric with a window cut in the center. These do fit closely to your face on all sides.

If we have to wear these %&^%$#* things for the next year or more, I wish clear window masks would become the norm (in non-normal times).

So then no filtration, either?

Not sure that’s really doing what a mask is supposed to do.

These types of masks aren’t meant so much for filtering as they are for preventing you from breathing/sneezing/coughing/spitting (like, when talking) onto other people. The majority of what comes out of your mouth will exit from the sides of the mask, some saliva will simply get caught in the mask and very small amount will make it through. But again, it’s not a filter. And, there’s no way you can’t know this by now, it’s less to prevent you from inhaling the virus as it is to prevent you from spraying it onto someone else.

If local regulations state that the mask must cover the mouth and the nose then this obviously wont work.

My understanding is that those masks are reducing the spread by preventing the forward spray of germs while breathing and talking. This type doesn’t exactly capture everything, but then those surgical masks don’t on most people if you’ve ever noticed how poorly they are worn. Nevertheless, it’s better than pulling the mask down so those who need to read lips can do so.

Perhaps all the people that keep going on about how masks don’t actually do any good could wear a plastic bag over their head. That would keep damn near anything from getting in or out.

I’m well aware of that.

That clear mask looks to me like the wearer’s breath is going out the sides. Not ideal for, say, riding in a crowded subway car.

Whereas, with a mask like a KN95 with a halfway decent seal, or even a surgical mask, the wearer’s breath is passing through something, at least, that might catch droplets.

Not getting your point. The clear mask covers the nose and mouth.

Sorry, looked at it in bad light-You are correct.

It works to some degree as a filter. When the mask gets moist, that means it’s capturing some of your exhalation. I’ve seen studies showing the outside of the mask of an infected person contains plenty of virus, so it is getting stopped there. A plastic mask with sides open enough that there is no fogging can be pretty much assumed not to be doing any of that.

I am a bit of a general public mask use skeptic but these seem akin to a small face shield rather than a mask.

What do y’all think about something like this? Close to the face all the way around like a regular mask, but with a clear window in the middle.

That’s what I thinking of when I first responded -the picture didn’t show in your OP for me. It looks like a proper mask to me but one that’ll likely fog up. I appreciate the idea, really. I miss seeing faces a lot.

You had to follow the link to see the picture. Did the link not work either? Dang.

No, the link works I just didn’t click it because I just went with your description since, like I said, I’d seen these sorts of things on the news a bunch. My bad. But usually, the link preview includes a top line picture from the source. The pic was broke in yours for some reason.

This one with the plastic window in a fabric mask looks like it would be safer and accomplish what a mask is supposed to. It would provide some filtration of the air both on inhale and exhale. The other one with open sides does not provide any filtration and would have a lesser benefit.