clenched fist=commie?

In this “interesting” link
[sub]removed link. samclem[/sub]

Texe mentions the clenched fist as a communist salute.
Is that where it originated?
I always thought it just meant “lets go and win this one” or similar.
Is that how its known nowadays?

Googling for Communist clenched fist salute

Looks like there is such a thing. J

i always thought it was a black power thing

The clenched fist is a very common, recognizable human gesture. No doubt it has been used to “mean” many things over the centuries.

I believe it was used on heraldic shields & coats of arms back in the days of the knights in shining armor. This would be several hundred years before either ‘commies’ or ‘black power’.

I even think I recall it appearing on some really ancient cave paintings, which would date it way back in prehistoric times.

Anyone who has ever seen Hulk Hogan in action knows just as much.

I always thought the ‘clenched fist’ was a symbol of defiance to authority.

Boy, that’s some crazy shit in your link, vanilla. Where’d you find it?

Yep! That’s why I removed the link before the rest of the crap in there became THE ISSUE instead of what vanilla was actually asking.

The posting of the link was extraneous to the question. And was just gonna give me grief. I just know it. :slight_smile:

vanilla. I’m not mad at you, but please don’t post links like that when you could have just asked your question without it.

If others reading this thread for the first time are wondering what was in the link, it was just stupid politcal crap,(Bush-Kerry-eat-kittens-for-lunch type of crap) and I would have done the same no matter what the party affiliation.

Oh, okay. I had wondered since I’ve posted this guys links before, but I see in GQ, its about the question.
I bet Desmond Morris, human behaviorist, has ideas about this too.

I just don’t want to be accused of being red; to me, it means, “you go!”

I think you are right, thats probably what it does infer in human gesture language; like, I’m gonna hit you!

I imagine Desmond Morris would call it a human threat display. Similar to a wolf showing its teeth and growling.

What the heck was in that deleted link? Commie dungeon porn?

This thread is about the clenched fist gesture.
Texe Marrs, a goofball (to be sure!) fundie, has many fun things on his web page.
You can go google and check it out.

If you google clenched fist commie you’ll find out. It’ll probably shock you that the OP’er used it for the purposes of this thread though.

well, I Did google it and Texe’s link didn’t come up.
Do not be shocked, Texe has been posted here before, he’s harmless.