Cleopatra committed suicide...

… by holding a beast to her ass.

I’ve always liked this one. It’s from Whack Your Porcupine, by B. Kliban.

Ah, B. Kliban.

“A rubber ball, a piece of string - Sally puts them in her thing.” I don’t know why that one sticks with me after all these years.

I liked “Brethren and cistern”

I see The Hutterian Brethren in our data with some frequency. I always think of that one.

“Dirty scaly chicken toes, Harry puts them up his nose.”

Some faves from Whack Your Porcupine (in addition to the OP):

Groin, grin, carnal sin
Pretty, city, grandma’s titty

‘Copping A Feel’

Piggly, wiggly, bird bath, pie
Cat hips, fish lips, poke you in the eye!

Halley’s Comet. Halley’s breakfast.

‘Grouse Pincing On The Moor’

One man’s mate is another man’s person.

NEVER give a gun to ducks.

Apple, people, nipple, couple
Supple, topple, ripple, pupple

There goes that rotten Halley’s Comet! It makes me sick! I want to vomit!

Many people are injured each year by falling sheep.

‘A Term For The Wurst’

‘A Tail Of The Old West’

Aardvark, percolator, five-cent cigar
Rhinestones, soup bones, midgets in a jar

… By the time I got home, grandmother had eaten most of the porcupines.

The Nixon Monument.