Clerks Q (poss spoilers)

I finally managed to get hold of the Clerks DVD and I noticed something when I watched it. The girl who says “I manually masturbate animals for artificial insemination” appears to be saying something else. The movement of her lips doesnt match the dialogue. Kinda like badly dubbed foreign films except slightly more subtle. Anybody else notice this?

That and also notice the coroner at the end, she’s obviously reading her lines off of her clipboard… and BADLY i might add.

Well, it was a low budget film with just Smith’s friends.

For what it is, it is an amazing piece of work.

You’d be surprised at how many films are at least partially dubbed, especially when shot on location. There are a few other scenes in Clerks where the speech seems a little out of synch with the lips: probably the entire film was dubbed to cut out extraneous background noise (passing cars, barking dogs, pedestrians, etc.) Since Clerks was a low-to-no budget semi-student film, the dubbing was simply not done all that well.

Actually, it is awful and extremely overrated. IMO, of course.

Just curious, but are you a Star Wars fan?

I noticed a lot of this too on the DVD that I never noticed on any of the VHS versions (though I must admit it’s been at least 6-7 years since I’ve seen it on VHS.)

The worst part I remember is when Veronica comes into the quick stop to to scold the Chewlies Gum representative near the beginning.

I always figured I had a bad DVD.

I’ve had Heavy Metal 2000 on DVD since the day it came out and I’ve yet to make it all the way through it because it’s so horrible out of sync.

It’s a standard post-production technique known as Automated Dialog Replacement or ADR for short. Very common.

the origonal line in the screenplay was “thats why i kill chinamen for railroads” but the studio said it was too risky and he must dumb it over and he got so pissed he put that in

Wow, that’s pretty random. Did the woman walk into the shop from the mid-19th century?

im not sure.

If you notice, several actors appear in varying rolls in Clerks, too. The guy who gets offended when Randal flashes the porno mag at him is the same guy who plays the Guidance Counsellor searching for the ‘perfect dozen’.

There are 1 or 2 more, though I can’t remember them right now.

And that guy is, I’m pretty sure, Smith’s friend Walt Flanagan. He shows up with Steve Dave in <i>Mallrats</i> (where they’re the guys giving Brodie grief in the Stan Lee line), and in <i>Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back</i>. They’re also in one of the deleted scenes of <i>Chasing Amy</i>. And he gets a mention again in <i>Mallrats</i> when Jay sits down with TS and Brodie after ditching LaFours-“That fucker’s faster than Walt Flanagan’s dog.”

Ever write a post you thought showed you have some esoteric knowledge that actually contributed to a conversation, only to forget what set of coding tags you should be using?

I have.

And you bothered to tell this to a thread full of people who at least somewhat enjoy the film why?

The scene where Randall and Dante are fighting about what Randal said to Veronica is the worst. The dialogue isn’t really close to what their mouths are doing for the whole scene.