Clever Christian stuff

A Christian shared this on Facebook. At first I thought it wasn’t completely true regarding my atheism but in the end I thought it was very clever.

An Atheist’s View On Life

A Christian’s View On Life
(read this bottom to top)

I’ve seen this sort of construction before with a poem about mental health (which in all honesty, was better than this one).

If it’s meant to portray some sort of atheist statement when read from top to bottom, the last few lines don’t make sense. This bit:

Atheists believe that “the more you have the happier you will be”?
Since when?

Could you share it here?

Yeah I didn’t think the first part was completely true but then I forgot about that when I was reading it backwards.

I think it was this one:

There’s also this one, about xenophobia:

Yeah, I think that the entire premise that atheists don’t/can’t believe in some greater scheme is the big flaw here. It’s certainly more clever than a lot of memes, but my quibble:

I don’t believe in God. I do believe that I have a duty to my fellow man, and future generations. My actions today won’t earn me anything in some afterlife in heaven. But it’s my ethical duty to be kind, and to do the things in my power to sustain the earth. I don’t need a list of shalls and shall nots and the threat of hell nor the promise of heaven to goad me into kindness.

^^ This.

I feel a lot like this. Being kind to people, respecting different beliefs, helping those who need some help is how we should live regardless of what our faith-- or lack of-- tells us.

“Clever Christian Stuff” is an oxymoron.

I thought the story about the flood and the helicopter and boat was clever the first time I heard it.

A local church on my way to work had a sign that read “exposure to the Son may prevent burning”. I thought it was pretty damn clever, specially here in FL.

It’s moderately clever that it can be coherent when read either forwards and backwards but as Mangetout says the last few lines don’t work.

If you don’t find the Jesus YMCA clever, I pity you.

I recently showed it to my Jewish Boss, and he cracked up.

Clever Christian stuff = Glurge all too often.

ETA: Annie-Xmas; now that’s funny.

That Samson riddle could be considered clever, for some definition of clever. I think it’s a cheat but then, I’m a godless heathen.


If you concatenate such a poem and its reversal, you get a line palindrome poem, in which a message of despair may change to a message of hope (or vice versa). I mentioned one at SDMB in an earlier thread:

Here’s another line palindrome poem.