Clickbait shocker

I saw this today: Barbara Eden turns 86 & Is Definitely Not Like We Remembered.

Pics…or it didn’t happen.

Not a shocker. She didn’t really spend 2500 years suspended in a bottle.

Here’s something I found recently:

They do all the clicking and tell you what the answer was. Its just loads of fun, for me, to see these click-baiters get their click-bait ruined. I don’t even care that one person had to take the bullet for us, and the click-baiters won once.

Looks fun enough for me to shotgun it to all my friends! Thanks!

She knew an awful lot of recent historical figures to have been stuck in that bottle the whole time. Damn good looking for a 2500 year old.

In my experience, the pic they show never has a story in the link.

Happy birthday, Barbara! Hope you have a good one.

Yes, someone on reddit noticed that the clickbait link didn’t even go to the topic, but instead another one. That’s called “link rot” akin to “bit rot” – these clickbait articles are changed as of ten as possible to keep people clicking, they may even lose track.

People wonder on reddit why these pseudo provocative clickbait articles even exist. Speculation is that people behind anti-porn firewalls at work can still find prurient content, presumable to ensure their jimmies get rustled™