Clicking in ears

I hear a clicking sound in my ears when I swallow. What causes that? Is there something brushing my eardrums? Does this happen to anyone else? How do you make it stop? On the rare occasions it doesn’t happen, I feel such peace in my head.

I’ll probably get corrected on the specifics, but here goes. When you swallow, you briefly open up your Eustacheon tubes (the tubes running between the back of your throat and your inner ears) - enough to let air pass through them. The click is just the pressure equalizing between your throat and inner ear.

Not clicking when chewing, though, right?
That would be an indication of TMD, tempero-mandibular disorder where your jawbone joint gets out of whack and makes clicking/popping noises and can cause considerable chronic pain.

Standard disclaimer (sorry) - the best advice for personal medical problems comes from your doctor.

One note on TMD (I’ve heard it as TMJ, but smae thing) - if you do have it, tell your dentist, but be prepared to not have a lot of options. There isn’t much to do, short of having surgery to realign the jaw. Which is something I’m a little hesitant to undergo.

Gee, I thought I was the only one with this annoying problem! Sometimes I have to open my mouth really wide to make my ears pop so I can hear better.

Doesn’t sound like TMJ at all. Note the clicking happens when swallowing, not chewing. Definitely an equalizing pressure thing. There may be some congestion making it worse. If it really hurts go see a doctor. Otherwise, just live with it.

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I had really bad TMJ & had to go through both braces & surgery to fix it & I still have to wear a retainer regularly. It was worth it. Some cases of TMJ can be fixed with just braces, however. Besides which, you’ll have a beautiful smile. :smiley:

If you have bad TMJ, the joint can wear out eventually. Also, if your teeth are not aligned correctly (the cause of TMJ) you have a possible increase in cavities, a greater possibility of your teeth falling out & things like implants & bridges are harder to get done, if not impossible.

If your jaw joint (in front & above the ear) pops when you chew or open your mouth, you may want to consult an orthodontist or dentist. Also, your molars should fit together like a puzzle, & the front teeth should fit together like the blades of a pair of scissors.

Clicking in ears …

I recently experienced it (along with ringing in my ears and reduced hearing).

Like getting out of the swimming pool and you know that there is water trapped in your ear, you do the old “swing your head to the side and let that puppy drain …”

Well doing that was not giving me any comfort / improvement.

Anyhoo …

The ear / nose / throat doctor took a lookie-look in the ear (right) that was giving me a hard time (it affects your balance, too).

“Yep, you have air trapped behind the eardrum.”

Next step was a hearing test (room should not have any extra noises in it … mine did).

Eventually the doctor numbed the eardrum area (with a shot, like the dentist does) and proceeded to alleviate the pressure (the air) behind my eardrum by more or less gently puncturing it.

Last step was a little bit of suction applied to the ear canal.

The total procedure lasted a grand total of eight minutes (doctor spent more time arguing against doing it, etc).

The relief and the hearing that you gain back is instantaneous.

That puppy heals on its own (no bandages, etc).

Finally …

In the beginning, the discomfort was managable but so it started to progress (from bad to worse).

I recommed accessing:


and entering into their searches box:


You can help others by posting the outcome of you experience on this thread.

Bonne chance mon ami (Good luck my friend).

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Jeez, I didn’t know it was a medical condition, I thought maybe it was something I could take care of myself with the Murine Ear-wax Removal System ™. Well, poo, I guess I had better make a call :frowning: Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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