Clicking noise in ear

Whenever I turn my head or jog. Only in one ear, definitely in ear, not lower down on the neck. Could I have an ear infection?

could be as simple as shifting or moving ear wax.

It doesn’t happen with every turn.

my right ear clicks like hell depending on how I move my jaw. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it unless you had other related symptoms.

I get that click somewhere between my ear and throat swallowing hard when I have congestion. Have you ever used a Neti pot? It couldn’t hurt if taking a decongestant doesn’t help.

If the clicking is exterior it may be TMJ but having experienced both, I can say the TMJ is far louder and more marked.

It could be an infestation of the deadly Oregon ear spider

You may have wax in your ears and there’s some water trapped behind it. Pretty common.

Yeah, the swimmer’s earlobe pull is free to try!

No matter what, don’t let anyone talk you into candling; my dad’s moonshine-making buddy told him it would work, all my dad got was a singed spot on his head and my mom didn’t talk to him for a couple days.