Client-side math rendering

As a lot of science and math questions would be easy to answer with simple formulas that are very hard to represent I am going to ask again if it would be possible to add an extension.

I do not have enough knowledge about vBulletin to suggest a specific extension but as MathJax is commonly used and well maintained it may be a starting point to look on solutions that use it?

Looking through the history and with the SDMB desire to avoid the complexities and costs of images I get that the traditional server side solutions wouldn’t have been acceptable.

While my request is mainly based in my own limitations on converting math concepts into verbiage, I think that it would dramatically help answer posters questions and also help avoid threads drifting into discussions about syntax and definitions.

Either way, thanks again for all of your hard work.

I don’t have the authority to say for certain one way or another, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Our current owners are a bit paranoid about security issues (ever since we got hacked a few years ago) and are extremely reluctant to install any type of add-on.

We also don’t have a dedicated tech admin. We do have a tech admin that we can turn to when we have issues, but he handles a lot of other systems as well as the SDMB. Even if security paranoia wasn’t an issue, I doubt that the folks in charge would allocate time for him to do something like an add-on.