Climate change and other weirdness.

We’re at that time of the year, where I live, one minute it’s still winter, the next day is almost spring. I am prone to headaches and this seasonal shift is always kind of brutal, as is the onset of autumn. It usually manifests as a weekend long headache, that meds can’t quite fight off. There are certain other weather conditions that also seem to trigger headaches for me. Usually a large storm system that hangs back, rather than sweeps through, gives me a wicked headache. Often subsiding once the storm actually breaks. I know several other people who report similar experiences.

And any police officer, EMT or emerge nurse can attest that full moons would seem to trigger some people and many act out in various distressing ways. Plus those who can predict storms by their aching bones like your Gran!

It’s hard to deny that we are living in interesting times. Looking around the world there seems to be weirdness manifesting everywhere. There is conflict of course, and wars over territory, certainly nothing new. But there would almost seem a barbarism enjoying a comeback that has not been seen in centuries. Ditto refugees fleeing war and oppression, certainly nothing new for the world, but we see it occurring in record numbers. Families undertaking harrowing, life threatening journeys. Mostly to places where they are unwelcome and resented.

Then there is the rise of the politics of fear and hatred of the ‘other’. And again, nothing really new, been seen before, but it’s rise and spread seem shocking in our age somehow. And I’m not saying there aren’t economic, social, political forces at work to produce that outcome, I recognize there certainly are.

One could easily point to the rabid political divide in the US, where no one can hear the other, each side equally guilty of destructive hurtful rhetoric. The divide grows and everyone blames the news, or the Internet, and I’m sure those are indeed factors.

But what if…climate change is, in fact, exacerbating all of these things? Making wars worse, making us each more inflammatory? Instead of getting headaches from climatic changes perhaps all the peoples of the earth are all beginning to act out like the those filling emerg depts during full moons.

Think about all of the ‘terrorist’ attacks that could, in the right light, actually be attributed to a mentally ill person going off. Yes, they have self identified with the barbarians de jour, or the Barbarians have happily claimed credit, deservedly or not, to further their own ends. Could those persons simply be the more climatically sensitive, who lose their mental balance and go nutso, acting out of complete delusion?

Please understand I’m not saying without climate change none of these things would be ongoing. I’m saying perhaps climate change is invisibly acting on all of us in ways we have yet to detect, and fiercely exacerbating these already existing conditions. Possibly pushing us, on all fronts at once, beyond how we would normally react, in greater numbers, etc!

There it is! My grand unified (wildassed guess, based on no evidence) theory on possibly why the world is losing its mind.:smiley:

Now, go ahead and tell me how wrong I surely am!:smiley:

It’s probably the increased CO2 in the atmosphere making our brains not do gud.

In all seriousness, at the group level we are already experiencing increasing problems due to climate change. A key provocation of the Syrian Civil War was the most intense drought ever recorded there.

The refugees fleeing from N. Africa to Europe are also fleeing recurring droughts and the social breakdown those cause.