"Climate change is accelerating beyond expectations"; while Americans' belief in AGW declines

Two significant anthropogenic-climate-change-related stories (other than “Climategate” :rolleyes:) hit the news this week:

  1. Climatologist Richard Sommerville announces, “Climate change is accelerating beyond expectations.” Press release:

Executive Summary of the Copenhagen Diagnosis (pdf)

The Copenhagen Diagnosis (pdf)
2. Fewer Americans believe in global warming, poll shows:

I propose no particular question for debate here, because too many suggest themselves as it is.

[hunts in vain for innocent-smiling-rolleyes-“Who, me?” smiley]

Hell, if its gonna happen, let it happen big. That way we can quit fracking around with hippie power and “clean coal” and “green” SUVS and retarded hydrogen “power” and go nuclear power and synthetic liquid fuels and be done with it.

This just may be all our fault, me and mine. When the hippies came out for environmental stuff, we pretty much doomed the cause right then and there. Now in the public mind, even all this totally un-hip data is suspect, buncha tree-huggers and hippies, not to be taken seriously. So now nobody will listen and we’re all gonna die.

Bummer. Sorry.

'Sawright, have a toke.

Disbelief in AGW is beyond the reach of science now. It’s become a matter of tribal faith among a substantial fraction of the population that it’s all a massive scam.

Global warming won’t be taken seriously until something big and undeniable happens like the breakup of the Arctic ice cap. Then everyone will panic and whatever we do to counteract it will be much more expensive and painful than prudent action right now would be.

bolding mine.

Which brings me back to my post.

If its slow and not bad, we will do all sorts of half assed stuff that sounds good but probably does more harm than good. At least when it becomes obvious its a real freaking disaster what needs to get done gets done.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying global temps don’t fluctuate. One look back through history will provide all the evidence of that one needs. It’s the degree of impact man creates that is in question.

Throw in shysters like Al Gore, the rest of the politicians and big wigs trying to line their pockets and now mix in data credibility questions…sorry, it’s just turned into another “follow the money” scenario.

Yeah, the solar power industry and the wind generation cabal, throwing all that money around, while poor Exxon has to count pennies to buy porridge…

Ya, those damn climate scientists, rolling in all that endorsement money that’s rolling in, while the poor oil company executives are forced to sell pencils on the street corners to get by…

Oh wait…

eta Simulpost!

Great minds think alike. Twisted minds as well, it would seem.

Gee, last October was the third-coldest on record!
Where are all the devastating hurricanes that Al Gore told us would happen?
I don’t see any ships taking the Northwest passage-what is going on??

Actually, I do have a serious complaint for the hippies.

Nuclear power.

See, that’s technology that’s clearly carbon-neutral, and if we had a bunch of nuclear plants churning out electricity, we’d be in great shape.

But no. You damn hippies with your “No nukes!” chants ruined it.

So get a haircut, whydoncha?

Revenue in 2007 of the top 9 integrated oil companies: 1.6 Trillion dollars.

You want a “follow the money” scenario?

Follow the 1.6 TRILLION Dollars per year.

Compare it to the amounts of grants that a TOP climate scientist like Richard Somerville gets:

* Direct Validation of GCM Parameterizations Against TOGA-COARE Observations Amendment Date: 1998-10-19; Funding Amount: $210,486
* TOGA: Process-Oriented Diagnostic Modeling for TOGA-COARE Amendment Date: 1995-05-26; Funding Amount: $135,000
* Climate Variability Studies over the Northern Hemisphere Amendment Date: 1990-04-06; Funding Amount: $63,529
* Cloud Radiation Feedbacks in Climate Modeling Amendment Date: 1987-11-17; Funding Amount: $130,000
* Cloud Optical Thickness Feedbacks in Climate Modeling Amendment Date: 1985-10-17; Funding Amount: $93,500
* Computing Facility Augmentation at SIO Amendment Date: 1984-11-29; Funding Amount: $44,600
* The Effects of Orography on Planetary Waves in the Atmosphere Amendment Date: 1983-05-12; Funding Amount: $56,600

eta: That would be .00005% of a single years revenues.

not to hijack but…

Might want to pay attention to some of the projects Exxon is involved with/investing in. $600 million is not chump change

Amen, well all except for the haircut bit

I think the top 9 oil companies might just maybe have a few more expenses and employ a few more people than Richard Somerville.

I do hope you realize there is a difference between revenue and profit

Also of interest: NPR interview 11/22/09 with Dr. Mojib Latif:

2009 is shaping up to be the fifth warmest on record, globally.

So the argument is now, “No, the oil companies really are poor!”