climate control

i know this is simplistic . . but couldnt some the weather problems (drought,flooding rainfall,etc) be alleviated with BIG fans?
really big fans . . that stood over a mile high above the ground . . strategically placed to divert rainfall from an area that is getting too much . . or goose it along to an area that needs it?
i know . . a major engineering challenge,
and a political/ecological timebomb.
just think if we could “even” the weather patterns out a bit.
all the billions that go into disaster relief/insurance claims/subsidies is astronomic. theres the “seed money”.

Naw. Ion generators. No moving parts. Also, when that lunar cow attempts reentry, we don’t want any of that stuff to hit a fan.

Ray (ex-EE)

It’s been tried,Bd,ol buddy. All over the great plains there are windmills and it still gets cold as hell in the winter. The Dutch have been trying it for years but the canals still freeze over. The Wright brothers figured if they could just get those fans up high enough maybe that would work.No go.It wasn’t till the guys at JPL thought of strapping kerosene heaters under the wings of planes that we began to have some success in warming the globe.

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What’s with this temperature stuff? The OP was talking about precipitation. You gotta precipitate something on that subject. . .even if it is all wet.

Ray (Pucker up and blow.)

And where’s moriah, he’s usually pretty windy.



Ray: are you basing your theory on the fact that they call the wind moriah?

seriously . . what is a weather front but air movement . . IF you had the capability to guide that movement?
thanks for the response but “windmills” are used to grind grain . .
im serious about this . .

Is it feasible to dump enough soot (or black paint or whatever) on the ice sheets of Greenland and Antractica to materially lower their albedo and melt the ice?

On a related tangent, we all know that hurricanes don’t like cold very much. Say meteorologists notice the beginning of a tropical depression somewhere off the coast of Africa. They quickly deploy a couple of aircraft carriers with tons of dry ice on board that they expose when they get to the area wjere the storm is trying to form. Does it stop it? Make it weaker? Or would the amount needed to make any kind of difference be so huge that it would be an excersise in futility to even hypothesize about it?

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