Climate in Omaha, Nebraska

What is the climate in Omaha, Nebraska? How humid are the summers? How cold are the winters? What type of snowfall is common? How many days are cloudy? If there are trees, are they deciduous?

Omaha Climate, including avg. temps, precip and sunshine.
Temp data for 2003, a fairly typical year, showing excursions, hot and cold spells.

It gets humid enough in the summer that some refer to the city as the armpit of the midwest. Actually, other places are worse, but it gets pretty drippy.
There’s usually a week long spell or two of 100+ degree days in the summer, and a few 0 degree days in winter. Four or five major (4" plus) snowfalls each winter used to be normal, but it’s been warming up lately.
Summer typically involves thunderstorms every four or five days until August, when it dries up markedly.

There are lots of trees in Omaha; Oak, Silver maple, Linden, Locust etc. They’re mostly deciduous, which gives the town a pretty typical midwestern appearance. The subbies of course, have that blasted treeless look of subbies everywhere.

I live in Omaha. Weather-wise, do get the luxury of having a fair share of time alloted for all four seasons. Unfortunately, we also get the extremes of Winter and Summer. Next week’s high’s are in the 103 range. A couple of years ago, when I didn’t have a car in January, I walked to work when it was -9F with -25F wind chill.

In a way it really sucks, but as a person who loves the summer, I know part of the reason I appreciate those summers so much is because November through March are so bleak. There are alot of trees, and the city is pretty and green for a majority of April 1 through Oct 1.

Omaha is also a little windier than the average place–which is why the winter feels that much colder sometimes.